About Se-Cure

The Se-Cure app is a novel research innovation of done at S|Cube. It is the first of its kind invention done to detect counterfeit products and forged documents. The application scans a unique encrypted image printed on the products and can detect if the product is real or fake. The image contains QR-like code that contains the following information about the product:

  • Product Serial Number
  • Product Batch Number
  • Product Manufacturing Date
  • Product Expiry Date

Other information can be embedded into the code upon customer’s request. A unique code is generated for every product.

"SE-CURE" the one stop solution to your counterfeit problem!



The pattern in the image cannot be read by the human eye and therefore gives a hidden meaning to the image that can only be detected by the mobile application.


Other serialization solutions however do not solve the problems of forged products, since the printed code on one product can be copied and printed on another by any third party. Our image is built in such a way that copying the image distorts the information in the image and a copied pattern will not be verified in the mobile application and will be declared as fake.

"SE-CURE" Building credibility